About Us

Jeffi Girgenti

At Foot Huggies, We Know The Details Matter

Foot Huggies Sock company began in 2003, with a toeless sock for pedicures.

 Why pedicures?

Hi, my name is Jeffi and I am the creator of Foot Huggies. My ideas about socks are born from my life's passions.

As a manicurist for 36 years, and a 22-year salon owner, I designed toeless socks to help my clients heal their cracked dry feet. It is also a great way to keep their feet warm in cold weather after a pedicure. 

 As Foot Huggies grew, I discovered a new passion: HORSES!

 I literally JUMPED in with both feet! I learned to ride and fell into jumping. I am so blessed to have found Mark Watring, who has been my horse trainer for the last 12 years.

 Mark learned several years into our riding relationship that I manufacture socks here in the USA.  Mark has been instrumental in collaborating with me on creating Foot Huggies Equestrian Tall Boot Socks.

Now, in response to customer demand, we've expanded our line to include crew and fitness socks, with the same comfort and style as our tall boot socks.  

Foot Huggies Equestrian Tall Boot Socks were designed using feedback from top competitive riders, amateur riders, and equestrian enthusiasts. We spent years testing fabrics, trying different ideas on padding, sizing, hot and cold environments, washing, drying - you name and we tried it! We had tons of fun creating the best sock ever!

THE RESULTS - Amazing padding, great support, invisible toe seam, basket weave for lightweight and thinness, COOLMAX® Extreme and LYCRA® technology - all come together in a sock made for YOU, THE HIGH PERFORMANCE EQUESTRIAN!

The Details

• OUR Yarn - 70% COOLMAX®,  27% Nylon,  and  3% Lycra®

Our COOLMAX® Extreme yarn moves perspiration away from your skin to the outside of the sock, helping regulate temperature and keep you more comfortable.


• OUR Design - Our socks are a RIGHT sock and a LEFT sock!! You don’t wear your left shoe on your right foot - so why do it with socks!

Since we all wear different size shoes, we make our socks in Small, Medium and Large. It makes sense, right?


• OUR Construction

BASKETWEAVE: allows a light weight sock with breathability and thinness where padding isn’t needed.YAY!

SUPPORT: Our 2” welt, ankle support and arch support keep your sock in place where it belongs! No more chasing your sock from down around your ankles!

PADDING: After 3 years of research and development and my expertise as a 34 year licensed pedicurist, we created double padding in 6 key places:

  • Double padding inside the calf lends an extra barrier to help prevent bruising and soreness from your stirrup strap and saddle.

  • Extra padding along the Achilles tendon aids in relief from friction from your leather boot.

  • Continuous padding extending from the Achilles tendon wrapping around the heel to help keep your heels from slipping and, ya know: “heels down!”

  • Continuous padding extending along the bottom of your foot adding comfort and a barrier between the construction of the boot bottom and the delicate bones, tendons and soft tissue of your feet.

  • Padding continues up and around your toes, creating a reinforced toe box, helping keep your toe from tearing through your sock.

  • The ALL IMPORTANT Toe Box & Invisible Seam: Our seam closure is created on the same machine as the final step in finishing before being removed.  Most other socks seam closures are done as a separate process leaving bulky corners which lead to calluses and corns where the seam ends and rubs.

INVISIBLE SEAM PLACEMENT: This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT elements of our sock design!  Our seam is placed high up, away from the end of the toes, just where your foot bones meet your toes.  WHY? Calluses & Corns are created by poorly placed seams rubbing on joints & bones. Our seam fits on the sweet spot where there are no joints and bones! This is where my expertise in 34 years of doing pedicures comes in!

TOE BOX: Our socks are a  LEFT & RIGHT because our feet are a LEFT & RIGHT! We created a graduating toe box starting at he big toe down to the little toe allowing for a comfortable, roomy fit .  With our creative approach, we are able to have a fit that allows for your toes to grip your stirrup irons through your boot without a bunching sock getting in the way of your performance.

This also allows blood flow to your toes, keeping them awake! Happy Toes! 

Foot Huggies Tall Boot Riding Socks are made for YOU,
The Equestrian!