Custom Logo Socks


Create your very own Custom Foot Huggies Logo Socks!

Want to build your barn spirit?  Looking for a terrific holiday gift for your training staff and riders?  Our custom socks are the perfect solution.

We have made creating your very own custom socks EASY!  Just browse the gallery to get inspired, then follow the steps below.

1. Choose Black or White 70% COOLMAX® sock base color.

2. Choose from THREE styles:

​a) ULTRA THIN: Is "Thin as a NYLON Sock" body made from 18 gauge thin thread with the same foot and Achilles tendon padding as our Original sock. Available sizes: XS, SM, MD, LG.

b) THIN: Is made from 18 gauge thin thread and is padded exactly like our Original sock. Available sizes: XS, SM, MD, LG.

c) ​ORIGINAL: Is made form 12 gauge thicker thread allowing loose fitting boots to be more comfortable and warmer. Great for Winter and cooler weather. Can only be made in sizes: SM, MD, LG.

3. Choose which package best fits your needs:

30 Pairs  @ $19.95USD ea,  can order ONLY ONE size: XS, SM, MD, or LG

60 Pairs @ $16.95USD ea, can order in TWO sizes: XS, SM, MD or LG

90 Pairs @ $14.95USD ea, can order in all FOUR sizes

120 Pairs @ $12.95USD ea, can order in all FOUR sizes

150+ Pairs @ $10.95USD ea, can order in all FOUR sizes

Each package INCLUDES the Design Fee - a $200.00 USD value for FREE. 

Design Fee is included for the First Design. Please note: because there is a substantial amount of setup involved in any design, any changes to the initial design will be charged at $50.00 USD per change. We will require a $100.00 USD deposit to start the design process. Should you decide to cancel your order after we have sent you digital file for review, you will be charge a $50.00 USD design fee and refunded the balance. 

4. Choose from 37 accent colors to create your custom designs.

6.  Call us to help you create your Custom Logo Socks: +1 (818) 461-0000 
Send a .png file of your Logo/ Design to:
A 50% deposit is needed to place your order.

Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

7. Be SUPER EXCITED when they arrive fully packaged!

Delivery Dates can be shorter or longer depending on the time of the year. We recommend ALL Holiday orders be placed NO LATER than October 1st for delivery by mid December.

100% Made in the USA 70% COOLMAX® & LYCRA® Threads